Lunar New Year - Crystals for Abundance and Protection

Lunar New Year - Crystals for Abundance and Protection | Snow Heart Crystals

For those who celebrate Lunar New Year, let's ring in the year of the dragon! In Chinese culture, dragons represent good luck, strength and health. They are also the only mystical creature in the zodiac. 

Surround yourself with more good luck and fortune! Protect yourself from negativity. These are popular crystals for abundance and protection: 

Citrine Tower | Snow Heart Crystals Citrine is associated with abundance and positivity, which is perfect for those looking for personal growth and success in their life. Its energy encourages self-improvement by boosting confidence, self-esteem and creativity, as well as helping calm and balanced emotions. Also known to attract prosperity and wealth. 
Snow Heart Crystals | jade bracelet Jade is associated with harmony, good luck and happiness. It's a "dream stone" that helps release negative thoughts and calms the mind. Also, it's a protective stone associated with wealth and prosperity. 
Snow Heart Crystals | golden obsidian sphere Golden Obsidian stimulates energy flow, creates balance in our lives, and helps remove bad thoughts and habits. This protection stone assists in manifesting your dreams. It attracts wealth and prosperity. 
Snow Heart Crystals | raw amethyst cluster Amethyst is said to be a powerful stone that protects, brings inner peace and boosts intuition. It helps put thoughts into action. It's also known to attract wealth and abundance.
Snow Heart Crystals | tiger eye bracelet Tiger Eye brings good luck, courage, success and protection. It helps remove negative energy and builds self-confidence. It's also said to help with better relationships with those around you. 
Blue Tiger Eye Palm | Snow Heart Crystals Blue Tiger Eye boosts your motivation, self-worth and focus, which allows you to pursue your dreams and gets you out of a rut. It is calming and decreases anxiety. It is also a protection stone that wards off curses and negativity.
Black Obsidian Sphere | Snow Heart Crystals Black Obsidian is not only for protection, grounding and healing, but also for attracting wealth and good fortune. It helps you see things more clearly and inspires you to be open to exploring the unknowns and new perspectives. Also, it is used to remove negativity, stress and tension.
Pyrite Cluster | Snow Heart Crystals Pyrite (also known as "fool's gold") inspires creativity and attracts wealth, abundance and opportunity. It encourages you to take action by helping you overcome what may be holding you back or reigniting any lost drive, which allows you to grow into your potential with confidence and strength. It's also a protection stone that shields against negative energy. 
Raw Black Tourmaline | Snow Heart Crystals

Black Tourmaline is for protection, grounding and recharging. Not only does it transform negative energy and habits into positive ones, it also helps with focus and concentration. It creates feelings of confidence, calm and security.


(For those looking for extra protective energy!) 


These creatures are well known symbols in Chinese culture, which also attract abundance and protection. 

  • Turtles - Symbolizes wisdom, endurance, protection and wealth. They are believed to attract good fortune and opportunity.

  • Pixiu (also known as Pi Yao) - A mythical creature in Chinese feng shui with a dragon head on lion or dog-like body, consumes treasures but never releases them. As a result, it's a powerful lucky symbol for wealth and good fortune. It's said that you can strengthen your bond with it by petting it (but avoiding its mouth or eyes), wearing it often and not letting others touch it. If manifesting abundance, wear on your left hand and ensure that the pixiu faces outward towards your pinky finger for receiving energy. It's considered a fierce creature so children, pregnant people and elderly should not wear it. 

  • Dragon Turtle - A legendary creative in Chinese feng shui with a dragon body with a turtle shell. It symbolizes courage, determination, fertility, longevity, power, success and support. Attracts wealth, career advancement and neutralizes negative energy. Luck and protection.