Ways To Cleanse Crystals

Two main questions usually come to mind for crystal cleansing: 

WHY? Crystals are said to absorb energy, whether from you or exposure to energies that are not aligned to you. This care helps refresh the energy and feelings of purpose. It's almost like "spring cleaning" where you remove anything you don't need so that you can welcome new energy. 

HOW? It varies by crystals and the method you choose is what resonates with you. Keep in mind that some may be damaging to the crystal, so do extra research before cleansing them!

  • Running Water - The more natural, the better. Pat dry after a rinse and don't submerge for too long. Don't use this method for any soft, porous or brittle stones. Generally, avoid this method for any gems that end in "ite" like pyrite, selenite, calcite and celestite. If unsure, consider other methods like the ones below. 

  • Sunshine - I prefer doing this in indirect sunshine and avoiding long periods of time as sunshine may fade the colour of the crystal. (I learned this the hard way with one of my smoky quartz ..) 

  • Moonlight - This natural light exposure is preferred if you're worried about fading the colour of your crystal. Take note of when the full moon is and leave your crystals in a place that allow them to bathe in moonlight - it could be on your window sill, balcony, backyard, etc
  • on a window sill overnight.

  • Sage / Palo Santo - Cleansing with these are also known as smudging. This is a ceremonial purifying ritual in many Indigenous cultures so be respectful if choosing this method. Besides cleansing your crystals, it will also cleanse the space you're in so be sure to keep the windows open so that the smoke and any negative energy have a way out. 

  • Other Bundled Dried Herbs - Other options are herbs like lavender, lemongrass and cedar. If you garden, trying making DIY bundles! 

  • Breath - With intention and calmness. This could be part of your meditation practice, like after a yoga session. 

  • Sound - Choose a single pitch or tone, like a singing bowl or your own voice.