General Info

Product Overview
Each product listing is for the item shown in photo. There will be a note if an item within photo is included or excluded (i.e. if stand is also included). Measurements and weights noted on product listing are approximate based on best judgment and my own scale. 

Product shots are taken under LED light and/or natural daylight, so products will vary under different light conditions. 

Each product listing has a description of the crystal/mineral and "the gem in this gem" note (which is Snow Heart Crystals' highlight of what she likes most about each one). Crystals and minerals are said to have different healing properties, but what is written on the site and Instagram account are not to suggest that they heal any ailments/problems/illness/medical issues - they are not to replace professional advice or treatment. 

If you have any questions on the products, email me at! 

Modification to Services, Products and Prices
Prices for products are subject to change without notice.

Snow Heart Crystals does not price match and has the right to cancel or refund a sale if the pricing is inaccurate due to typo errors.

Order Processing Time
This will be around 1-5 business days, which is prior to sending out for shipping. Appreciate your patience - it's a one woman shop! 

Instagram Story & Post Purchases
Message me your name, email and shipping address within a day after making claims for products on Snow Heart Crystal's Instagram Story/Post sales. Shipping is calculated based on the items claimed. Appreciate that the invoice is paid within 24 hours receiving. 

If the invoice is unpaid after 24 hours without communication, your order will be cancelled and Snow Heart Crystals reserves the right to block the customers from future purchases. Everyone's time is important!