Manifesting wealth and abundance?

Build your own corner dedicated to attract this positive energy for more opportunities to achieve your goals and dreams! Find a spot that's close to where you work, whether at home or at your workplace. This is where you can display items that symbolize wealth and abundance, like crystals, quotes, money and plants. Personalize it so it feels right to you. 

Or if you prefer keeping it even closer to you or if you're usually on the go, wearing jewelry as part of your OOTD is a great option. 

Some crystals well known for wealth and abundance are: 

Citrine is associated with abundance and positivity, which is perfect for those looking for personal growth and success in their life. Its energy encourages self-improvement by boosting confidence, self-esteem and creativity, as well as helping calm and balanced emotions. Also known to attract prosperity and wealth. 
Snow Heart Crystals | jade bracelet Jade is associated with harmony, good luck and happiness. It's a "dream stone" that helps release negative thoughts and calms the mind. Also, it's a protective stone associated with wealth and prosperity. 
Snow Heart Crystals | golden obsidian sphere Golden Obsidian stimulates energy flow, creates balance in our lives, and helps remove bad thoughts and habits. This protection stone assists in manifesting your dreams. It attracts wealth and prosperity. 
Snow Heart Crystals | raw amethyst cluster Amethyst is said to be a powerful stone that protects, brings inner peace and boosts intuition. It helps put thoughts into action. It's also known to attract wealth and abundance.
Snow Heart Crystals | tiger eye bracelet Tiger Eye brings good luck, courage, success and protection. It helps remove negative energy and builds self-confidence. It's also said to help with better relationships with those around you. 

Did you know? In Chinese feng shui, turtles symbolize wisdom, endurance, protection and wealth. They are believed to attract good fortune and opportunity.

Snow Heart Crystals | white agate turtle

Start building that corner or go-to jewelry set as part of your OOTD! Shop "For Career, Wealth & Abundance" collection.