About Us

Hello, I'm Michelle from Snow Heart Crystals (an online crystal shop based in Ontario, Canada)!

I've collected crystals here and there throughout my life, but it was only during the first year of COVID in December 2020 that I felt a much deeper connection. It was a frigid night, but I decided to moon bath my crystals on the last full moon of 2020. I can't describe the feeling, but I instantly felt at peace. It was a really challenging time when I didn't feel like myself - I was very anxious, emotional and burnt out. That personal connection with crystals has intrigued me since and my appreciation for them has only grown. Fast forward a few months from that time .. and Snow Heart Crystals launched on March 2021.  

In most of my product features, I've included what stands out most to me in addition to what each gem is known for. There's a gem in a gem in every one - and the best part is that everyone will feel and see something different towards the same piece. 

Enjoy discovering gems here at Snow Heart Crystals ❄️💜   My intent is to share how they can be part of your every day life and how it can support your personal growth if you're open to it.