Crystal Shape Meanings

Each crystal has their own meaning. The shape they come in gives them further significance and benefits. 

Cluster: Harmonious. Radiates positive energy outward while absorbing negative energy. 

Cube: Grounding and stable  

Double Terminated: Dual purpose to absorb and emit energy 

Egg: Feminine energy. Balance and fertility.

Freeform: High vibration

Geode: Cleanses and charges 

Heart: Soft, healing and loving energy

Palm/Worry Stone: Grounding and reduces stress. Stone to skin energy connection. 

Points: Directed and concentrated energy flowing upwards and out. Amplifies intentions. 

Pyramid: Connects energy from crown to root chakra. In tune with higher dimension while being grounded with a strong base. 

Raw: Strong and pure energy 

Sphere: Releases energy evenly from all sides. Unity.