I'm new to crystals! Where to start?

"I'm completely noob to crystals.", "How do I know it's the right one for me?", "Is there a right or wrong way of choosing crystals?"   If these questions come to mind, you're not alone! I've been in the same boat too and am still learning more about crystals and minerals. 

There's a reason why you may have come across crystals and why you feel a connection. Whether it's based on looks or what you discovered while researching, that is all part of the journey for figuring out what makes sense for you. 

My suggestion on starting your crystal + minerals journey: 

  • Be open. You never know what may capture your heart and interest. 
  • Do your research. Learn more about each gem's properties and what purpose they can support depending on what you're looking for at that moment in your life. 
  • Don't overthink it! You'll know when it feels right. Based on personal experience, the one I keep gravitating back to is the one my heart is set on. 

Also, to help easily navigate based on what you're looking for, SHC is organized by PURPOSE and TYPES. For most pieces here in my shop, check out "the gem in this gem" call out - that is what stands out to me most, but you will likely find something else that catches your attention. Each piece is truly one of a kind.