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Mystery boxes aren't only for people who like surprises! Besides being unique gifts for others, this gives you a chance to grow your crystal collection with a hint of mystery. 

When putting in your order, leave a note with what you're looking for and I'll do my best to make that happen - otherwise, they will be intuitively chosen by me if there are no notes!

Some thought-starters of notes that you can include:  

  • for what purpose(s)
  • what you gravitate towards (i.e. shapes, colours, sizes)¬†
  • less or more pieces
  • what you don't like¬†

Notes about the mystery box:

  • Value is based on the original sale price¬†of each piece¬†
  • Multiple mystery boxes in the same order will be totaled together¬†
  • Items in the mystery box will be shipped together with any other product in the same order¬†
  • They aren't included in promos and discounts¬†