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Lavender Rose Quartz Sphere

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Lavender Rose Quartz is a type of rose quartz that has more pink-purple hues. It helps with easing stress, building self-confidence and supporting a more positive mindset. Like rose quartz, it is healing and encourages love and harmony with yourself and others. 

  • The products may have¬†variances in colour & size.¬†Various sizes ranging from approximately 20-40g and up to 1.2"L diameter.¬†
  • Each piece is considered 1 quantity and is intuitively selected for your order. Price in CAD.

 For What Purpose?

  • For Better Sleep¬†
  • For Calm, Balance & Reducing Anxiety
  • For Healing & Overcoming Challenges
  • For Love
  • For Navigating Change & Transformation

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