Moss Agate + Smoky Quartz + Jade Bead Bracelet (8-8.5mm)

Moss Agate + Smoky Quartz + Jade Bracelet (8-8.5mm)

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THIS COMBO: No such thing as too much calm energy 

Moss Agate helps bring feelings of tranquility, like how getting closer to nature helps with connectedness. This stone also helps improve confidence and build a stronger relationship with your own self. 

Smoky Quartz is for grounding and stability in your personal growth journey. Its calming energy helps to relieve stress and anxiety, as well as remove negative energy. 

Jade is associated with harmony, good luck and happiness. It's a "dream stone" that helps release negative thoughts and calms the mind. Also, it's a protective stone associated with wealth and prosperity. 

  • Approximate bracelet circumference (bead size): 7"-7.25" (8-8.5mm) 
  • There may be variances in colour & size and natural chips
  • Each bracelet is considered 1 quantity. Price in CAD.

For What Purpose?

  • For Calm, Balance & Reducing Anxiety 
  • For Career, Wealth & Abundance
  • For Healing & Overcoming Challenges
  • For Navigating Change & Transformation